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제 품 명 : Biofilm Annular Reactor
제 조 사 : BioSurface
제품코드 : AR1320
관련자료: 1320AR.pdf (91,520 KB)
Biofilm Annular Reactor 1320
Model 1320 LS

The Model 1320 LS Annular Biofilm Reactor is a versatile tool for studying biofilms grown under controlled shear conditions. A variable speed motor drives an inner rotating cylinder to provide surface shear to match your process conditions. Twenty removable slide coupons of any relevant material are flush surface mounted within the reactor and can be removed for biological evaluations, metal-loss corrosion studies, and biofilm evaluations.
Model 1320 LJ

The Model 1320 LJ Jacketed Annular Biofilm Reactor is identical in operation and design to the 1320 LS Reactor, but has an outer glass jacket for circulation of heating or cooling medium (heating or cooling source not provided).

Biofilm Annular Reactor
The BST Model 1320 Biofilm Annular Reactor consists of a stationary outer cylinder and a rotating inner cylinder. Process fluid is circulated in the annulus between the two cylinders. The current lab and field models operate with a variable speed motor. The rotational speed of the inner cylinder is set to provide liquid/surface shear similar to the pipe flow shear of the process water system you are evaluating. Dilution rates through the unit are set to correlate with the surface/flow rate of your process system. Shear at the coupon surface is based on the liquid viscosity, surface roughness of the coupons and velocity of the liquid. BST can provide correlation's for matching your system operating parameters to conditions in the Annular Reactor. In addition, sampling protocols have been developed for coupon sampling and analysis to evaluate total cell counts, viable cells, heterotrophic plate counts, coliform counts, and cellular activity levels within the biofilm.

Evaluation of surface associated biological reactions require surface specific evaluations. By matching surface shear and transport conditions within the BST Monitor to your process conditions, relevant evaluations of your water treatment processes are conducted. Side-byside evaluations of disinfectants, corrosion inhibitors, or process changes in your water treatment train are easily evaluated - before full implementation in your process system. Continuous monitoring of your distribution or process system provides the relevant information necessary to evaluate your water treatment system and implement necessary changes - before catastrophic failure. The BioSurface Technologies, Corp. Annular Reactor provides you with the information necessary to stay ahead of your biofouling and regrowth problems in your distribution system. Laboratory and field models of the BST Biofilm Annular Reactor and Water Quality Monitor are available.

The Laboratory Annular Reactor (Model 1320 LS) is manufactured using an inner, slotted polycarbonate cylinder and a glass outer cylinder. Twenty slides are flush mounted on the rotating inner cylinder. These slides are removed by stopping the rotation and pulling the slides out of their beveled slots through an access port on the top of the reactor. The slides are commonly available in stainless steels, carbon steel, polycarbonate, and copper, but can be fabricated from most common manufacturing materials.. The reactor unit is fully autoclavable to 121 C.

A jacketed version of the laboratory unit described above is also available (Model 1320 LJ) for evaluations which require temperature control.

The Model 1320 Biofilm Annular Reactors are fully CE certified and available in 115 or 230 VAC.

Model 1320 Reactor Specs:
SIZE - Regrowth Monitor 12" x 12" x 17.3" h (30.5 cmx 30.5 cm x 45 cm h)
SHIPPING WEIGHT 43 pounds (22 kg)
CONSTRUCTION - Reactor Stainless steel, polycarbonate, viton seals, nylon/Kevlarbushings, nylon fittings
Motor 0-130 VDC variable speed/ CE certified electronics
Rotational speed Variable, H"20 to 360 rpm
Power (standard) 115/230 VAC, .33 amp, 50-60 Hz
Fluid volume 1 Liter
Removable slides (20) Polycarbonate slides, others materials available
Power cord 6.5 ft (2 meters)
Cooling/heating jacket Optional


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