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제 품 명 : ISOLUTE®.SCX, cation-exchange
제 조 사 : Biotage
제품코드 : 530-0005-A
    · 관련자료:ISOLUTE SCX Tech Note

ISOLUTE® SCX (sorbent ref. 530)
Ion-exchange SPE 
Description: Chemical structure of benzenesulfonic acid functional group covalently bonded to the surface of a silica particle.
Average Particle Size: 50 µm (irregular shaped particles)
Nominal Porosity: 60 Å
Exchange Capacity: 0.4 meq/g
Applications: Matrix – Aqueous
Analytes – Cationic
Retention mechanism – Cation exchange
Comments: Extraction of basic analytes from aqueous or partially aqueous sample matrix. Supplied in the protonated form.

Ordering Information
Part Number Description Quantity
  Standard SPE Columns  
530-0005-A ISOLUTE SCX 50 mg/1 mL 100
530-0010-A ISOLUTE SCX 100 mg/1 mL 100
530-0010-B 530-0010-B ISOLUTE SCX 100 mg/3 mL 50
530-0020-B ISOLUTE SCX 200 mg/3 mL 50
530-0050-B ISOLUTE SCX 500 mg/3 mL 50
530-0050-C ISOLUTE SCX 500 mg/6 mL 30
530-0050-H ISOLUTE SCX 500 mg/10 mL 50
530-0100-B ISOLUTE SCX 1 g/3 mL 50
530-0100-C ISOLUTE SCX 1 g/6 mL 30
530-0200-D ISOLUTE SCX 2 g/15 mL 20
  ISOLUTE-96 SCX Fixed Well Plates  
530-0025-P01 ISOLUTE-96 SCX 25 mg plate 1
530-0050-P01 ISOLUTE-96 SCX 50 mg plate 1
530-0100-P01 ISOLUTE-96 SCX 100 mg plate 1
  ISOLUTE Array SCX Loose Wells  
530-0050-R ISOLUTE Array SCX 50 mg/1 mL wells 100
530-0100-T ISOLUTE Array SCX 100 mg/2 mL wells 100


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