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제 품 명 : ISOLUTE®~Layered SPE Columns
for Extracting Multiple Analyte
제 조 사 : Biotage
제품코드 : 933-0050-B

ISOLUTE® Layered SPE Columns
for Extracting Multiple Analyte Suites

Simultaneously extract analytes with a broad range of polarity characteristics from aqueous samples.

Ideal for applications where analytes with a broad range of polarity are to be extracted from a single sample. ISOLUTE layered SPE columns extend the range of analytes extracted using a single column. Extract a range of endocrine disrupters or combined suite of organochlorine, triazine and organophosphorus pesticides simultaneously with the layered columns. Costs can be reduced and productivity improved as fewer samples need to be prepared for each assay.
Ordering Information
Part Number Description Quantity
933-0050-B ISOLUTE C2/C18(EC) 500 mg/3 mL 50
933-0100-C ISOLUTE C2/C18(EC) 1 g/6 mL 30
934-0040-C ISOLUTE C8/ENV+4 00 mg/6 mL 30
935-0040-C ISOLUTE C18/ENV+ 400 mg/6 mL 30


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